Published in 2005 by Buda Musique, the Zanzibara collection is devoted to Swahili folk music from the East coast of Africa, from Lamu, Monbasa, Tanga, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar to the Comoros. In its editorial approach, it can be compared to the Ethiopian collection led by Francis Falcetto: rare and exciting music, booklets richly documented. It consists mainly of archives recorded between the years 1920 and 1980.

Note of intent about Zanzibara

Lionel Martin, musician, director of Ouch! Records

I discovered Ethiopian music by Damien Cluzel (uKanDanZ) and the Ethiopiques Collection. Not knowing the music of this territory, the eastern coast of Africa, I wanted to immerse myself in the Zanzibara collection.

But it is so rich and intoxicating – 9 monumental discs – that I lost myself there very quickly! How to enter, which disc to choose? What to remember? I then had the idea to open an access door easier, more immediate, with a double LP that would propose a synthesis more than a compilation.

The contribution of Werner Graebner in the creation of this record was considerable: who else than he could have selected the nuggets of this (his) collection!

The privileged relationship with Gilles Fruchaux from Buda Musique due to our collaboration with the Ukandanz group made this project possible.

Florent de Cornet has done a colossal job to imagine a visual, an atmosphere that resonates with the sound of this compilation.

I hope that this double album will make the diggers want to know more, the musicians to meet this music, to play, to build links, to meet this mysterious and rich territory!

I want to believe that the vinyl record has this function to open the stylistic barriers to new music lovers … it’s also one of Ouch! Records missions.

Zanzibara volume 1 will I hope open a window on a collection … Collection in the spirit of discovery, rediscovery!



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