It is not every day that a group keeps the promises of its name, especially in the world of sonorous subversion. To be quite clear, the fellows of uKanDanZ add by obliquely evoking the manna of the Madonna of “Get Into The Groove”, although the trend here is more pogo than disco … Big sound, annoying rhythmic to the small hair, square drumming like A vicious circle, deceitful guitar and saxophone, lace a hallucinate nothing of the little band of the four Lyonnais supports mordicus the voice of an Asnaqè Guèbrèyès boosted, the quiet Abyssinian Addis Ababa.

A new ethiopic nugget was born! A superb ethio-jazz with the energy of rock’n’roll, groove, big guitar riffs and a rhythmic that makes us enter into a trance, all reinforced by the surreal voice of Gèbrèyès and an emotional saxophone then screaming. A bomb of energy that brings a good dose of new blood to the ethiogrove scene

Benjamin Tollet –

uKanDanZ :

Asnaqé Gèbrèyès (vocals), Damien Cluzel (guitar), Lionel Martin (sax tenor), Fred Escoffier (keyboards), Guilhem Meier (drums)

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