SATE, feline singer with discolored mane, revealed in Canada, his native country, is the daughter of the famous lady of the blues Salomey Bey. She has been bathing since juncture in jazz and blues and the scene has very little secret for her.

Her first album, RedBlack & Blue, is a compilation of 3 EPs, a journey of the three most important women in her life: her mother, daughter and sister, featuring her fetish animals: the robin, black panther and Butterfly blue morpho.

*** 10% of SATE‘s revenues come from the Alzheimer Society of Canada whose mother has been infected since 2011. The rage and energy transmitted in this opus also come from there.

“When you discover new artists, there are sometimes good surprises and favorites, Sate is one of them! When listening to the record, the first thing that strikes is the energy and the feeling that comes from it. “Warrior” sets the tone of the album, drums and guitar fuzz and a blues singer who wants to do battle, it sounds like a meeting between Black Sabbath and Tina Turner! “Live On Your Love” is a reminder of the Beatles’ “Come Together” with a catchy and funky refrain. On “Know My Name”, Sate sings as if her life depended on it and the tortured guitar reinforces the heaviness of the atmosphere. The ballad “The Answer” allows the singer to give all the fullness of her voice and the melody forces emotion. The album closes with “Peace”, it is a pure marvel, singing on the back of Hammond organ and which rises in power, the voice takes you to the guts to stop brutally. Hardly finished, we feel an immediate lack of that energy that carries the album and transcends it!”.

New Wave – Laurent Therese – 8/10/2016

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