Le groupe OSLO

From left to right : Mario Stantchev, Louis Sclavis, Lionel Martin, Damien Cluzel et Ramon Lopez

OSLO. (Ouch Synthetis Liberty Orchestra), are five leading musicians of Ouch! Records, which synthesize the spirit of the label around the roots of jazz, from Ethiopia to New Orleans to Gottschalk, via Duke Ellington, via the reissue of Ellington on the air, by Louis Sclavis.

Officially created for the Saint-Fons Jazz Festival # 18, O.S.L.O. – clarinetist Louis Sclavis, saxophonist Lionel Martin, pianist Mario Stantchev, guitarist Damien Cluzel and drummer Ramon Lopez – made a strong impression.

No discs yet for O.S.L.O. But many projects!

At the service of music the group “O.S.L.O. “Found his identity. In turn, each musician occupies space without ever monopolizing it. Clarinets and saxophones are expressed in total complementarity. Piano and guitars unite their strings. The drum-percussion captures the echoes of each instrument in turn and as a sampler uses them to construct its rhythmic melodies. The group “O.S.L.O. “Synthesizes many facets of jazz and builds his own whose rainbow colors amaze.

Nicole Videmann – Latins of Jazz … & Cie

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