Musica Sin fin, Mario Stantchev‘s first solo album, was released on April 19, 2019 on Ouch! Records labels founded by saxophonist Lionel Martin. Lionel Martin, we owe this record. Together they recorded, in 2016, Jazz before Jazz, variations around the nineteenth-century American composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk, widely praised by the press, both jazz and classical.

For five years, they have been working together in a very constant and intense way. Lionel Martin learned about the whole sections of the art of Mario Stantchev, most often left in the shadows, in the intimacy of his report to the piano. Maybe that’s why he’s never made a solo record yet – while live, playing solo, he loves it! Lionel had the idea to invite Mario to record freely while he would select the songs that would appear on the album.

“Mario delivered me four hours of music, I made a selection that went in the direction of poetry, emotion, fragility. Mario has a sense of sound, a touch, which, coupled with his sense of melody and how to harmonize it, makes forget that music is music. One enters another dimension… That’s what I wanted people to feel… Finesse, extreme delicacy and attention to others, this is what Mario is to me. This disc is not that the reflection of the immense pianist it is, it is a disc full of humanity, simple complexity, pure life and sharing… With Mario music is never finished… You can arrive at his home early in the morning, late at night, you will always hear from the landing sound his Bösendorfer… We did not record with his faithful piano companion, prefering to favor the Studio and entrust the recording to the immense engineer of the sound that is Gérard de Haro.”

Lionel Martin

“The twelve pieces of” musica Sin fin “are so enveloping that it is difficult to abandon their listening. It’s rare. Mario Stantchev gives us the opportunity here beautifully. »

Pierre de Choqueuse – Blog de choc

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