uKanDanZ – Awo (LP)

uKanDanZ – Awo (LP)


4 years after Yetchalal, the second LP of uKanDanZ, Awo, (recorded and mixed by Christophe Chavanon) confirms the group’s rock flavor, with the replacement of the keyboard Fred Escoffier by bassist Benoit Lecomte (JMPZ, Ni, PinioL, Suba …) and six red-hot titles highly inadvisable to lovers of warm water!

From the introduction of the first piece, Sèwoch Men Yelalu, one understands that one has to make a heavy, burning, concentrate of energy. But beware, here the work is done in finesse by virtuosos, creators. And what about Asnake Guebreyes … His voice, alliance of hypnotic sweetness and power embarks you very far, without releasing you one second until the end of the disc.

“With this record we wanted to be more direct, to go even more to the essentials, without detours. Our play is more readable, more raw, more rock! explains Lionel Martin. And the experience of the big scenes was very formative … “

“On Awo, uKanDanZ shows their fangs without getting rid of his unstoppable groove. A manifesto of Ethiopian Crunch Music, nothing less. From the beginning to the very end, Awo is never deprived of its nuclear groove. Saxophone in fusion (Lionel Martin), drums (Guilhem Mercier de PoiL), bass (Benoit Lecomte, already crossed at Ni) and guitar (the unmistakable Damien Cluzel spotted at Kouma, Polymorphie and Pixvae) barbed chiselle passionate pieces. In itself, it is already remarkable but uKanDanZ is not just that because above it moves in addition the hypnotic voice of Asnake Guebreyes. Hypnotic because it is a mixture of dislocated twists, which are extended by gestures. It is indeed the whole body which acts and the powerful waves that it generates have soon penetrated the epidermis of the listener and lead it towards a leaded trance “ – 31/01/2016




Asnaqé Gèbrèyès (vocals), Damien Cluzel (guitar), Lionel Martin (sax tenor), Benoit Lecomte (bass), Guilhem Meier (drums)

Tracklisting :

    1. Sèwotch men yelalu –
    2. Tchuéten Betsèmu
    3. Lantchi Biyé
    4. Endé Iyérusalem
    5. Gela Gela
    6. Ambassel to Brussel – Wubit
    7. Ambassel to Brussel 2

Awo : Dur et Doux et Bigoût Records (vinyle), Buda musique / Ethiosonic (Cd) et Atypeek Music (Digital).


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