Sate – Redblack & Blue (LP)

Sate – Redblack & Blue (LP)

SATE, feline singer with discolored mane, revealed in Canada, his native country, is the daughter of the famous lady of the blues Salomey Bey. She has been bathing since juncture in jazz and blues and the scene has very little secret for her.

Her first album, RedBlack & Blue, is a compilation of 3 EPs, a journey of the three most important women in her life: her mother, daughter and sister, featuring her fetish animals: the robin, black panther and Butterfly blue morpho.

*** 10% of SATE’s revenues come from the Alzheimer Society of Canada whose mother has been infected since 2011. The rage and energy transmitted in this opus also come from there.



SATE (Vocals, chorus) Darren Glover (guitar), Adrian X, Ricky Tillo (additional guitars), Thomas McKay (bass), Joël Joseph (keyboards) Tony Rabalao (drum), Wade O Brown (chorus title 5) – Melanie Durrant, Kirt Godwin (chorus title 9)


Face A :
01.Warrior 2:53
02.What did I do 4:51
03.Live on your Love 3:24
04.Know my Name 3:19
05.Mama talk to Me 3:21
Face B
01.The Answer 4:31
02.Try 3:37
04.Feel 3:23
05.Silence 3:21
6.Peace 3:37


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