Louis Sclavis Sextet – Ellington on the air (Double LP)

Louis Sclavis Sextet – Ellington on the air (Double LP)


Released in 1992 Django d’or 1993 in the category “Best French jazz record of the year”, the disc was no longer available. Ouch! Records proposes it, for the first time, in vinyl and only vinyl.
Intended as a sequel to his sextet created in tribute to Duke Ellington Jazz Festival in Paris, the disc is recorded at Studio Gimmick, in Yerres in 1991. Next to Louis Sclavis: Yves Robert (trombone), Dominique Pifarély ( violins acoustic & electric), François Raulin (piano, keyboards), Bruno Chevillon (bass) and Francis Lassus (drums).
Ellington on the air is much more than a tribute to Duke Ellington: it is a true recreation. As Louis Sclavis reminds himself: “Neither parody or embalming, but presence, starting point, thread, inspiring.

New in vinyl!



Louis Sclavis Sextet

Louis Sclavis (clarinet), Yves Robert (trombone), Dominique Pifarély (acoustic & electric violons) , François Raulin (piano, keyboard), Bruno Chevillon (double bass) et Francis Lassus (drums).

Tracklisting :

A1.2 J’oublie 5:05
A1.3 Jubilee Stomp 0:44
A2 Indigofera Tinctoria / Mode Andy Go 10:51
A2.1 Indigofera Tinctoria 3:25
A2.2 Mode Andy Go 7:25
B1 Prelude / Prelude To A Kiss 12:02
B1.1 Prelude 10:54
B1.2 Prelude To A Kiss 1:08
B2 Bakiff 3:42
C1 Caravan / Caravalse 10:32
C1.1 Caravan 1:18
C1.2 Caravalse 9:13
C2 Heaven 1:04
C3 Black And Tan Fantasy 4:50
D1 Harlem Pancake / A Tone Parallel To Harlem / West Indian Pancake 17:21
D1.1 Harlem Pancake 10:45
D1.2 A Tone Parallel To Harlem 5:12
D1.3 West Indian Pancake 1:24



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