Kwi Bamba & l’Orchestre de Gama Berema

The album Kwi Bamba & the Orchestra of Gama Berema is the seventh production of the label Ouch! Records. It opens a window to a very unknown musical world: the federal orchestras of Guinea Conakry instituted after the independence of the country by President Sékou Touré… Both historical document and musical nugget, the album was […]

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Zanzibara Volume 1

Published in 2005 by Buda Musique, the Zanzibara collection is devoted to Swahili folk music from the East coast of Africa, from Lamu, Monbasa, Tanga, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar to the Comoros. In its editorial approach, it can be compared to the Ethiopian collection led by Francis Falcetto: rare and exciting music, booklets richly documented. […]

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