Lionel Martin, saxophonist of the group of éthiorock uKanDanZ, we have also seen and heard with George Garzone, Mario Stantchev, Louis Sclavis or Steve Mackay, is passionate about vinyl records.

It is very natural that he launched in 2016, OUCH! RECORDS, a label exclusively dedicated to vinyl.

The objective is twofold: firstly find the richness, warmth sound of this medium and produce limited edition items that appeal to both music lovers and collectors. On the other hand (re) edit singular artists, personalities such as Louis Sclavis, one of the most important musicians as “propositeur” – a mix of force of proposition and creation. Or promote a singer that came from a different horizon, the powerful Sate, still little known in France.

“Having a label, is the opportunity to produce vinyl records. One thing that I had completely lost sight of. For me the record was no more, he was dead. There are still five or six years, we were releasing self-produced CDs that were not even finalized, they were sold with free prices at concerts, etc. Because the CD object is not interesting, it does not make you want to push production.

With the vinyl, we give back a meaning to a live sound, with smart sleeves… We have a worthwhile object … The CD is not well known how it will age. Vinyls without age have always a sound so good…

The meaning of this label is to produce in small quantity, or to re-issue CDs I listened to in the 90s, which I adored, and which have fallen a little into oblivion …

And then it can help to introduce current musicians in other ways. The objective is to feed a synergy. But the real purpose of Ouch! Records is to be a complement vinyl, collector, in limited editions, for fans of music and sound, in parallel with CD releases.

Lionel Martin

OUCH! RECORDS definitely No borders!

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